train your clients remotely


Exercises on all devices in the club.

You can work with even a hundred clients simultaneously.

Full communication with the client within the application.

You send the client for training and don't pay a flat fee

Continuous communication with the clients.

You are a real, not virtual, coach for your trainee. That's why you need to maintain constant contact with them. The app sends you regular reports on every activity of your trainee. They also have the ability to comment on each exercise you assign. Fitnessteam also includes a fully-featured chat embedded in the app.

Exercises for everyone

Over 400 workouts at various difficulty levels, allowing you to create infinitely many training programs for both professionals and beginners.

Mobile App

Fitnessteam is a genuine mobile application, not just a website on your phone. It is characterized by user-friendly interface, quick responsiveness, and high readability. This is crucial because it is your work tool. The simpler it is to use, the more willingly and longer your clients will make use of it.

Train 100 people at once

Not only can you handle over 100 people simultaneously, but you are also the administrator of their training histories. This means that if they decide to discontinue your services, they will lose all the workouts you created for them. They won't be able to transfer them to another trainer.

180 devices, 400 exercises, unlimited clients.

In the FITNESSTEAM app, there are already over 400 exercises for all muscle groups and body parts on various devices and training accessories. As a trainer, you can personalize the app according to your preferences. Therefore, your clients will use a unique app that is typical for you. Everything is integrated into an easy-to-manage system where modifying the workout for one client takes only a few seconds.

Wersje i ceny subskrybcji

przetestuj za darmo przez 30 dni i sprawdź której wersji potrzebujesz


do 10 klientów

najlepsza apka dla trenera

  • 400 ćwiczeń z różnymi akcesoriami i maszynami

  • obsługa do 10 własnych klientów

  • dowolna ilość planów treningowych dla każdego z podopiecznych

79 zł netto

za miesiąc płatne za cały rok

przetestuj za darmo

99 zł płatne miesięcznie


do 30 klientów

odblokuj pełny potencjał

  • wszystko z wersji BASIC oraz dodatkowo:

  • możliwość tworzenia własnych filmików treningowych i wklejania ich do aplikacji dla klienta

  • max liczba klientów 30

99 zł netto

za miesiąc płatne za cały rok

przetestuj za darmo

119 zł płatne miesięcznie

Premium +

do 79 klientów

Influenser fitness

  • Wszystko z wersji PREMIUM oraz dodatkowo:

  • zwiększona liczba klientów do 79 osób

119 zł netto

za miesiąc płatne za cały rok

przetestuj za darmo

139 zł płatne miesięcznie

Nadzór nad klientami

Dzięki FT dostaniesz historię treningów każdego ze swoich podopiecznych. Otrzymasz raport z każdego skończonego przez nich treningu i sprawdzisz czy przygotowany przez Ciebie plan treningowy jest dla nich najbardziej optymalny.

Łatwa komunikacja

Wszystkie wiadomości od podopiecznych w jednym miejscu. Czytelne rozróżnianie tematu i nadawcy wiadomości wraz z przypomnieniem czy sprawa z którą się zwraca została już załatwiona czy czeka w kolejce. Dzięki prostemu i inuicyjnemu interfejsowi użytkownika każdy trener lub influencer może nadzorować nawet 200 klientów jednocześnie.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do you settle accounts with clients?
You receive a complete administrative panel from us. You decide who is an active client. The client downloads the application from the AppStore or Google Play to their phone, and you activate it. Without your activation, the client cannot use it.
What does personal training look like in the Fitnessteam app?
You send a questionnaire to the client, where they mark their training goals and assess their health. In the administrative panel, you prepare a training plan for them based on the devices and training accessories they have access to. You use the exercise library integrated into the application. You decide which exercises they should do, in what time, and how many sets and repetitions. After completing each exercise, the client moves on to the next. At the end of the entire workout, an automatic report is generated, visible in your client panel.
How much does access to the app cost for the client?
You decide this. You set the prices, for example, depending on the number of modifications or changes in the training the client can expect within a month.
What does the app give to me as a trainer?
First and foremost, you gain access to clients beyond your local area. Additionally, you receive a complete client database with their entire training history. Each client becomes a walking advertisement for you, as they can evaluate your training among themselves. If they like a workout you prepared for someone else, they can quickly assign it to themselves. The Fitnessteam app allows you to avoid purchasing a permit to work in a club because you train the client without them needing to attend any club. If necessary, you can physically meet with them outside the club.
Can the client download the app themselves?
Yes, but they won't have access to it unless a trainer with administrative access provides it. The trainer can also suspend or block access if, for example, the client wants to pause or resign from training.
How does the client communicate with the trainer?
The trainer has an administrative panel where they see only those to whom access to the app has been granted. The trainer prepares an individual training plan for the client, and if necessary, communicates with them using a messenger or in person.
Do I have to provide such access to all my clients?
It's entirely up to you. You decide who gets access and for how long. You can favor only the best clients, but you can also sell access to the app to everyone. This way, you ensure additional income, even when a client is away, such as on vacation, and trains outside their place of residence.

2 in 1,meaning with the price of one application, you get a comprehensive system for managing your clients' workouts.



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